alt When can I drop things off at Room to Grow?
Full drop-off information is available for
New York and Boston.

Does Room Grow pick up?
In New York, we offer a same day pick up option. Please
click here for complete information. In Boston, we do not provide pick-up service but click here for a list of convenient drop off locations in and around Boston.

What kinds of things can I donate?
click here for a complete list of what we can and cannot accept as donations.

Why don't you take cribs and baby furniture?
We do not have space to store furniture at our sites. If you are interested in donating furniture in New York, including cribs, you can place a 311 call to locate the nearest family shelter. For suggested resources in Boston, please give our office a call at 617.859.4545.

Why don't you take used car seats?
The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association (JPMA) recommend against using second hand car seats because it is impossible to verify if they have been involved in a crash, which would render them unsafe.

Why don't you take children's clothing larger than 5T?
Room to Grow serves families from just before their baby's birth until their child turns three, so we only distribute clothing to children three years old and younger.

Why don't you take maternity clothes?
We start seeing moms immediately before the birth of their baby - usually in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy - so they no longer need maternity clothes. If you are interested in donating maternity clothes in New York, contact Inwood House, an organization supporting pregnant teenagers. 

Why don't you take used stuffed animals?
We cannot guarantee the hygiene of used stuffed animals. We will accept new stuffed animals that have a developmental component for the baby, such as those that rattle or play music.

Why don't you take diapers?
We don't have the space to store diapers in all the sizes needed for the families we serve. If you have new, unopened packages of diapers you would like to donate, contact Baby Basics in New York or Boston.

Do you need volunteers?
Yes! Room to Grow is always looking for volunteers to help organize and sort our donations. Complete information on volunteering is available

How can I organize an in-kind donation drive for Room to Grow?
click here for information on organizing a drive.

How can I make a financial contribution to Room to Grow?
click here for directions on making a financial contribution.

How can I find out about upcoming events at Room to Grow?
Check News & Events for information on upcoming activities at Room to Grow. You can also join our mailing list in New York or Boston.

How can I start a Room to Grow in my city?
We appreciate your interest in considering Room to Grow in your community. We presently have sites in New York and Boston and while future expansion may occur, we do not have current plans to open additional sites in other cities.

We encourage you to explore the best way to help families in need in your own city. We suggest you investigate existing nonprofits in your area that address the needs of low-income families and children. Contact them to find out how you can help support and expand their work.

Please note that the name Room to Grow is a registered service mark and cannot be used without our permission.

Do you sell the items to your families?
No. Our donations go directly to the hands and homes of our clients free of charge.

Can I become a client of Room to Grow?
Room to Grow only accepts clients referred to us by our established referring prenatal programs. Clients referred to us must have been attending the prenatal program for the full length of their pregnancy. For a list of our referral partners in New York City, click here, and in Boston, click here.

I work at a prenatal program. How can we become a partner referral agency of Room to Grow?
Please contact us directly:
In New York, La Shell Wooten at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In Boston, Rebecca Freedman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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