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Room to Grow was founded in 1998 by Julie Burns. That fall, Julie opened Room to Grow as its sole staff person in a 500-square foot storefront space in the East Harlem neighborhood of New York City (seen here). Room to Grow would be a place, utterly unique in concept, committed to supporting the fundamental needs of babies born into poverty during their first three years.

Since our founding, Room to Grow has grown significantly. Today, Room to Grow has two sites, one in New York and one in Boston. In 2001, the New York site moved from East Harlem to a 2,200 square-foot space in the Flatiron district, where we serve 300 children. These children and their families make 1,000 visits each year. The Boston site opened in 2004 and became home to Room to Grow's national headquarters in 2012. Occupying a 6,900 square-foot space in the Back Bay neighborhood, Boston serves nearly 350 children and their families who make 1,000 visits to Room to Grow each year.

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